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✭ P・I・K・O・H・A・N・S・T・E・R

[ graphics community of JE + Tales of series ]

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violca's Sample IconOsu, violca★ is here at your service! Haha. I'm just a student, a fangirl, a loser, and one of the graphics artists here (probably the most fail one); all in one. This is the place where I put my experiments in Photoshop, because I love to play with Photoshop when there is time. Now, speaking of fandoms... I have a lot to be said. But, the ones I most active in are Johnny's Entertainment (Arashi♥, NEWS, KAT-TUN, and some other) and Tales of (Tales of Destiny, Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi, etc.). Other stuffs that I'd make graphics of too include misono, UVERworld, Disgaea, Tekkonkinkreet, and various anime/manga. Yes, from my fandoms, you can tell that I'm a hardcore otaku. ^^ That's it. I hope you enjoy here. See you! :D

cerulean_ai's Sample IconHello, I'm known as cerulean_ai here. Making graphics is one of many hobbies I have. I mostly make icons, because they're the easiest to make /rofl. Hmm... if you ask what's my style, I don't really have. Maybe I would name my style FREESTYLE (*gets bricked by Ohno fans*). My graphics here are centered around my fandoms, namely JE (especially Arashi, which is the group where my favorite boy--Ninomiya Kazunari--belongs to ♥) and Tales of. As for Tales of, I think I'm open to any series. Well, Tales of Destiny and Tales of Symphonia (including the sequels of both) are my most favorite, though. ♥

mocha_latte88's Sample IconHi, I'm mocha_latte88. I love making graphics such as icons, banner, header, and wallpaper. Currently I learn the basic of making layouts as well. I like making JE stuffs, especially KAT-TUN and Kanjani8. You will find that I make Kame and Ueda icons a lot, because they are pure love XD. Other than that, I also make "Tales of" stuffs. I'm always obsessed with a character named Arche Klaine, the sorcerer from Tales of Phantasia. If you like my works, please leave a comment. Thank you ^___^ Best regards, mocha_latte88.

tsuki_ningyo_91's Sample IconHello! *waves* this is ★tsuki_ningyo_91★, nice to meet you. Straight to the point, I'm weird and lil bit shy but I also do have a crazy side/ fangirling side called Remichan. My interest most of the time are JE (especially KAT-TUN), Tales of series, JPop, JDorama, and many more. I love making complicated yet simple graphics but thats depend on the mood (well, I'm moody, people XD). So, sometimes you'll find that my graphics are rather complicated or very very simple =p. Oh! last but maybe not importanf, I love the user-use of ♥, XDD, and more cute emo =p. Uhm. . .thats all about me, cheer peoples! =D